bitches love tattoos.

This is my tattoo blog, feel free to reblog till your hearts content, follow and ask me anything you want :) <3
Anonymous asked: I'd love to make love to you and your body... Holy fuck you're attractive, beautiful and pretty much perfect!


whoa haha um.. bit too far but thank you:’) kik me, since i barely come on tumblr anymore aha? deaddollsneedlove¬†

Anonymous asked: Do you cut your own hair or get it cut at a salon? Its so perfect looking X3


I haven’t been to a salon in about a year :) I cut it myself xx

fuckufakebitches asked: do u have any tattoos? if so what r they?


I don’t have any tattoos yet, but i’m just starting college and getting my first one done in twenty days, i will keep updated on here but i’m either getting my feet tattooed first or my thigh piece :) x

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